The “Fishers of the Future”

It’s the name of a new project launched by European Commission that will examine the future role of fishers in society up to 2050. 

“Fishers of the Future” explore how the profession is likely to evolve by 2050 and fishers' role in society beyond providing high-quality seafood.
The research will focus on three specific aspect, like the factors and trends influencing the long-term sustainability and profitability of the fishing sector and fishing communities’ well-being. Important also the fishers’ identity and roles, particularly in the conservation and restoration of the marine environment, the promotion of environmental tourism, and the development of coastal areas. Furthermore the challenges and opportunities resulting from interactions between fishers and other maritime actors, particularly in maritime spatial planning, renewable energy deployment, organisation of the seafood supply chain, circular economy, and diversification of the blue economy.The project will involve fishers and related actors at the local level to capture their opinions and perceptions. The aim is to develop a shared understanding of challenges and future possibilities together with fishers.

“Fishers of the Future” will provide European institutions with key decision-making tools and at the same time, the study will assess how to move towards a sustainable sector that can attract and retain future generations of fishers.

The project will run until December 2024. A participatory kick-off event involving a wide range of stakeholders will be held in spring of 2024.


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