Sustainable consumption policies for climate action in the Mediterranean

The event "1.5 Degree Lifestyle: Sustainable Consumption Policies for Climate Action in the Mediterranean" was hosted by the Mediterranean Pavilion and co-organized by MedWaves, the UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), UFM and PRIMA Foundation. 

It was born out of the assumption that strategies based on production and technological innovation alone could not achieve the agreed climate targets in the region, thus accelerating environmental degradation and the socio-economic crisis.

Therefore the event highlighted the nexus between production, consumption and the potential of consumption-based policies as a catalyst for healthier and more sustainable lifestyles and systemic transitions. In addition, demand mitigation and behavioral change pathways have been explored and concrete examples of consumption-based policies and practices enabling 1.5-degree lifestyles and related governance tools have been presented. 

MedWaves supported development and innovation based on the SCP approach. The Centre has promoted the implementation of tools and measures geared towards redesigning the way goods and services are consumed and produced to drive industrial and socio-economic development towards non-polluting, waste-free, low-carbon, resource-efficient, socially inclusive and circular economies.


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