Scoping Study to Develop a Mediterranean Pilot on Measuring the Sustainability of the Mediterranean Blue Economy

Plan Bleu has published its report entitled "Scoping study for the development of a Mediterranean pilot on measuring the sustainability of the blue economy in the Mediterranean". The report is in two volumes and proposes a framework adapted to the sustainability of the blue economy in the Mediterranean region.

The first volume is dedicated to an exhaustive literature review and an analysis of existing indicators. It critically examines the shortcomings of current sustainability assessments, paving the way for the development of a flexible and adaptable framework for the region.

The second volume, on the other hand, describes the methodology, proposing over 50 sectoral and cross-sectoral indicators to measure the sustainability of the blue economy, ensuring a balanced representation of environmental, economic and social dimensions.

Cross-sectoral consistency and a scoring system for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across sectors are highlighted, providing a structured framework for sustainability assessment. Suggested next steps include formalising the refined indicator framework and conducting pilot studies in strategic areas of the Mediterranean that could provide valuable information and data.

Continued stakeholder engagement, capacity-building initiatives and strategic partnerships are essential to maintain momentum.

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