KMaP… it’s coming!

Let’s meet Annalisa Minelli, Knowledge Management Officer at INFO/RAC and co-responsible for the development of the Knowledge Management Platform of UNEP/MAP.

Annalisa, what is the KMaP?

KMaP is a unique access hub to UNEP/MAP knowledge heritage. It is not only a container, but it is structured in a way that the user can retrieve efficiently what he’s looking for.
The first prototype is composed by two sections: the Data Hub, for geographical data, and the Knowledge Hub, for documental heritage.

Is the data contained available to everyone?

The great part of them! Most contents are in fact open data, available for everyone under specific licenses, but due to the AAA system - Authentication, Authorization, Accounting- it is possible to grant higher permission to some users, for example the Ministry of the Country that signed the Barcelona Convention, in a way that the Country can use the platform also as a personal workspace.
Moreover, the whole architecture of the platform is based on Open Source software.

How does the KMaP make COP23 participants protagonists??

KMaP is the fruit of a cooperative joint effort from all the data providers, such as Regional Activity Centers, that participated to the preparatory work (data review and harmonization) for the platform implementation.
Without their contribution there would be nothing of this. The Countries then, made available all the data produced for the periodical reporting activities they are entitled to do.
So, all the main characters of the KMaP are present in Slovenia, hoping they enjoy UNEP/MAP efforts in this sense.

The “Knowledge Map” is constantly evolving: what can we expect in the future, what goals do you want to achieve?

This one is a first prototype. Many adjustments and improvements are foreseen in the near future. In fact we are planning to implement a third hub, the Knowledge Exchange, entitled to become a bridge among UNEP/MAP and stakeholders, citizens, communities of interest and scientific world. We are also planning to make the platform scalable, in a way that it will become adaptable to the users’ workload and reasoning on a Single Sign On system that connects the user not only to the KMaP but also to all the other platforms in the InfoMAP ecosystem.
So… many ideas and so much enthusiasm for the future!


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