Programm Manager "Sustainable Tourism" (Permanent Contract)

The position is based at Plan Bleu, the Regional Activity Centre of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP), established as a french association (law 1901) in Marseille. Deadline for this vacancy: 19 February 2024. Send a CV and cover letter, as well as recent publications or work, to the following address:

Ocean models for seasonal to decadal regional climate impacts and feedbacks

Successful proposals will contribute to the European Green Deal, addressing resilience to climate change (mitigation and adaptation) in coastal areas. Improved ocean models for 21st century climate projections, from regional to coastal scales, and from seasonal to decadal timeframes, will support the sustainability of the blue economy and the protection of ocean health and coastal landscapes. Deadline 22 February 2024 at 17 PM (Brussels time).

Minimising climate impact on aquaculture: mitigation and adaptation solutions for future climate regimes

Proposals are expected to enhance knowledge of the impacts of climate change on aquaculture production at environmental, social and economic levels. They should identify, forecast and assess the main effects of climate change on different aquaculture production systems and on their ecological carrying capacity. Deadline dates: two stages 22 February 2024 & 17 September 2024, both at 17 PM (Brussels time).

Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) projects

The objective of this call for proposals is to facilitate the implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in the EU, including through the effective application of Directive 2014/89 establishing a framework for MSP. This call is intended to fund projects developing innovative responses to tackle specific challenges that EU Members States might encounter when putting into effect, monitoring and/or revising their maritime spatial plans. Deadline 27 february 2024 at 17 PM (Brussels time).

Additional activities for the European Partnership for a climate neutral, sustainable and productive Blue Economy

This topic is for the continuation of the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership (SBEP), the second instalment of the partnership is expected to contribute to all expected outcomes specified in topic HORIZON-CL6-2022-GOVERNANCE-01-02: European Partnership for a climate-neutral, sustainable and productive Blue Economy, for continuation and new development of activities. Deadline 28 February 2024 at 17 PM (Brussels time).

Interreg NEXT MED Programme: first call for proposals

A budget of €103 million is available for project funding to make the Mediterranean a smarter, greener, more inclusive, and better-governed region. In view of making the region smarter and more competitive, greener and climate resilient, more social and inclusive, the call focuses on pivotal themes for both shores of the Mediterranean: these encompass boosting research and innovation capacities, fostering SME growth, advancing renewable energy solutions, bolstering climate change adaptation measures, promoting educational opportunities, ensuring access to quality healthcare, and enhancing local governance processes, among others. Deadline for submission of proposals 28 March 2024 at 1PM (CET).

Open call for expression of interest for new S3 partnerships 

The European Commission has announced an open call for expression of interest for new partnerships under the Smart Specialisation (S3) Platform on Sustainable Blue Economy. EU Regions and stakeholders interested in exploring new interregional value chains in fisheries, aquaculture, coastal and maritime tourism, blue biotechnologies, and marine renewable energy, can get involved by expressing their interest to form a new partnership. Deadline: 29 March 2024.

Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA)

PRIMA has launched new calls that address strategic research and innovation objectives through a comprehensive and interconnected response.The integration of the 'Nexus' approach aims to contribute to the overall security and sustainability of the sector in the Mediterranean region. The thematic areas for 2024 are divided into two sections comprising Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and Innovation actions (IA):

Section 1 – Water Management in the Nexus 2024 - Sustainability of Mediterranean irrigated agriculture through the implementation of the WEFE Nexus approach (IA): projects should focus on mitigating barriers to the effective implementation of the Nexus WEFE approach for new irrigation technologies;

Section 1 – Farming Systems in the Nexus 2024 - Transformative Adaptation of Mediterranean dry farming systems using water harvesting techniques to address extreme drought in arid and semi-arid environments (IA): the topic aims to address the challenges of dryland agriculture in the arid areas of the Mediterranean by integrating traditional and modern water technologies to create sustainable and resilient agricultural systems;

Section 1 – Food Value-chain in the Nexus 2024 - Developing cost-effective and sustainable technologies adapted to Mediterranean Food Systems to decrease food loss and waste (IA): the topic aims to support the implementation and demonstration of sustainable solutions to reduce food loss and waste, save energy and improve food safety during post-harvest activities, including transport, storage and processing.

Submission deadline:  Section 1 Stage 1, April 2nd 2024 (preproposal); Section 1 Stage 2, September 25th 2024

Section 2 - Water management in the Nexus - Effective water accounting approaches under crisis conditions: climate change and external shocks (RIA): The objective is to improve water management, including in the face of climate change and geopolitical and socio-economic shocks;

Section 2 - Farming systems in the Nexus - Revitalizing agroforestry practices for sustainable land use and climate resilience in the Mediterranean Region (RIA): This topic aims to support the revitalisation of agroforestry systems;

Section 2 - Food value chain in the Nexus Leveraging urban and local food systems for sustainable food systems transformation (RIA): Proposals for this topic should aim to strengthen regulatory frameworks for urban and peri-urban agriculture, paying particular attention to the unique challenges faced in Southern Mediterranean countries.

Submission deadline: Section 2 Stage 1, April 4th 2024 (preproposal): Section 2 Stage 2, September 26th 2024

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