Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) survey campaign on the marine environment in the offshore sector

An investigation campaign is in the phase of develop in the central Adriatic, between the Pescara, Ancona and Cesenatico seafarers, aimed at completing and deepening the knowledge framework on the marine environment affected by the presence of offshore platforms for the extraction of hydrocarbons from the bottom of the sea.

The project, funded by the CRESS Management of MITE, ISPRA is involved, with the coordination of the Foto_SurveyCampaign_2.jpeg Service for integrated and strategic environmental assessments and for the relations between environment and health (VAL-ASI), the technical-scientific and operational support of the Area for monitoring and the characterization of the quality status of the ecosystem and marine waters (BIO-ACAM), of the motor ship ASTREA and of the ISPRA laboratories in Chioggia and Castel Romano. The initiative also involves ARPA Emilia-Romagna, which provides support for the technical-scientific and analytical aspects.

The results of this activity will be integrated with other monitoring and characterization initiatives already carried out (monitoring pursuant to paragraph 7 of Article 104 of Legislative Decree 152/06 and Marine Strategy) to consolidate knowledge and assessments of the state of environmental quality in the surrounding areas the mining platforms.

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