Integrated management of the monitoring data in Türkiye - Continuous Monitoring Center (SİM)

All efforts to support the protection of the environment and improve its quality need objective assessments of monitoring activities which is highly depends on availability, usability, reliability, relevance and presentation of data.


The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change made a huge effort and use high budget to have comprehensive, comparable and compatible environmental monitoring activities and started to have an integrated management of the data from those activities.

 For this purpose, “Continuous Monitoring Center (SİM)” was established in 2017 to manage all environmental monitoring activities of the Ministry from a single center.

Data obtained from;

  •  Continuous Monitoring Systems, Air Quality, Continuous Emission Measurement Systems (SEÖS), Continuous Wastewater Monitoring Systems (SAİS);
  •  Integrated Marine Pollution Monitoring Program (DEN-İZ); 
  • «Domestic and Industrial Pollution Monitoring Program (EKİP)» for River Basin Monitoring Studies; ; 
  • Pollutant Release and Transfer Register System (PRTR) transferred to SİM software;

are transferred to Continuous Monitoring Center software and managed. 


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