In few minute an overview of circular economy

The EU-funded Water and Environment Support released a new video on Circular Economy. In order to prevent the depletion of natural resources and achieve more sustainable economic growth, it is necessary to move to a greener circular economy model. For this reason the message of this video is so important: it is  dedicated to policy makers and other stakeholders from WES partner countries and beyond. In just a few minutes it provides an overview of what the circular economy is and how national policies, strategies and incentives can support its realisation in the Mediterranean region. 

In the Mediterranean region, it is estimated circular economy could contribute up to $320 billion per year to the economy by 2030. So with appropriate legislation, revisited institutions and social policies, participative processes, innovation and education are some of the elements of critical importance for transitioning to a circular model that sustains future generations in the Mediterranean.  

The video was developed by leading technical experts in the field, with the important contribution of WES Focal Points in each of the WES partner countries. It is the third of a series of videos on environmental protection and water management that are being produced under the EU-funded WES project. 

The video can be viewed with English, French and Arabic subtitles, which can also be accessed via the WES YouTube channel:

English subtitles 

French subtitles 

Arabic subtitles  


Please read the Arabic version here

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