Here is the new Ambassador for the Mediterranean Coast Day 2022: Andrej A. Gajić

Scientist, biology professor, underwater researcher, but also author, photographer, entrepreneur, traveler, and skydiver: he is Andrej A. Gajić the new Coast Day 2022 ambassador.

An eclectic researcher, he has conducted original studies on the zoology, ecology and pathology of sharks, rays and skates in order to develop long-term conservation strategies throughout the Mediterranean.

Born in 1991, he is co-founder and CEO of the Sharklab ADRIA Center for Marine and Freshwater Biology (Malta, EU) and Head scientist of Shark Tales at National Geographic in Washington, DC.

Andrej has published over 60 articles and three widely recognized books and has shared his expertise at over 35 conferences.

He loves spending time with animals, helping them and trying to understand them. He has worked closely with over 30 species of sharks, rays.

Andrej is one of the selected participants of the "30 under 30" project, organized by the Represent Communications BiH agency and its partners, which aims to highlight hard-working young people who are the backbone of their companies in various business sectors.

 He also received 10 awards and honors, including the National Geographic EC Leadership, which ranked him among the world's 15 most influential scientists under 30.

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