From the sky to … Ambassador for the Mediterranean Coast Day!

When I rise high into the air the view from above can comfort me. From above the problems appear smaller and fantastic nature combines with the extraordinary buildings from our past in a wonderful way." ALKET ISLAMI

Aerial photographer, cameraman paragliding and paramotor instructor, he is also the president of the National Aero Club of Albani. Alket Islami has published several different volumes of “Albania From The Air”. Class 1965 and born in Tirana, he studied Geography and History at University of Tirana and through his passion he has developed a new relationship with his country.

Alket Islami has chosen to show Albania with images taken “from the air”: through the seasons and years, he managed to capture the environmental changes of the Albanian coast. In the air, Alket is in his element: armed with a camera took hundreds and hundreds of photos, shows different moments revelated time after time, and evidence of the transformations that have left their mark on the Albanian coast.

Over the years, PAP/RAC has awarded the title of Ambassador for the Mediterranean Coast to different personalities ranging from actors to country representatives, through writers and other sailors. This year this significant title is dedicated to Alket Islami and his important outreach work.

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