Focus on restoring Mediterranean ecosystems

The Mediterranean Pavilion, co-organised by UNEP/MAP, UFM and PRIMA, hosts the event “Restoration of Mediterranean ecosystems: is it a key tool to limit or reverse the progress of climate change impacts?”. The event is organized by UNEP/MAP and SPA/RAC, the Regional Activity Centre of UNEP/MAP for Specially Protected Areas.

The restoration of ecosystems must be undertaken in parallel with the implementation of conservation measures. The IPCC report is clear: even with deep reductions in CO2 and other greenhouse gases, many of the impacts of climate change will be felt in the coming decades, and many are indeed irreversible.
Restoration will be necessary after natural disasters to benefit nature and biodiversity beyond what engineering solutions can do.

The aim of the event is to discuss whether restoration should be considered as a key tool to limit or reverse the progress of climate change impacts. The event poses some key questions: should we restore what is lost or preserve what remains? And should we ignore the saying 'prevention is better than cure'? 

Appointment on 16 November at 16.15  pm at the Mediterranean Pavilion.


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