ENI SEIS II SOUTH Project: EEA-UNEP/MAP 2nd Horizon 2020 indicator based assessment report

The European Environment Agency (EEA) and the United Nations Environment Programme/ Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) have concluded the final draft of the EEA-UNEP/MAP 2nd Horizon 2020 indicator based assessment report and launched country consultation on  it’s Executive summary ‘“Horizon 2020 Synthesis.” AssessmentImage.png

The EEA-UNEP/MAP 2nd Horizon 2020 indicator based assessment is the key outcome of the joint efforts by the EEA-UNEP/MAP to review and monitor progress toward a cleaner Mediterranean based on countries’ inputs and key findings of various regional projects. The report builds upon a systematic review and assessment focusing on pollution pressures affecting the Mediterranean environmental status. This process is carried out in the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean Horizon 2020 Review and Monitoring group and the support mechanism of the ENI SEIS II South EU funded Project. In addition to the regional assessment studies carried out by the UNEP/MAP, more specifically the State of Environment and Development Report (UNEP/MAP-Plan Blue, 2019/2020) and  the Quality Status Report 2017, the synthesis report integrates a number of assessments such as “The European environment – state and outlook 2020” and several technical reports providing the latest inputs from ENI South Partner Countries. Read more

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