Diagnosis of Unbilled Water Performance in Algeria

Although Algeria's national policy is to combat leakage and excessive water use, there is still a huge amount of wasted drinking water in the country. The national water company “Algérienne des Eaux -  (ADE)” estimates that on average 55% of water is lost between production and billing.

In response to a request from the Algerian government, the WES Project has implemented an activity, from June 2020 to December 2023, aimed at carrying out a diagnosis of the performance of Unbilled Water (UWB) within a pilot public utility and developing a plan to improve UWB while focusing on the minimum cost of interventions with rapid returns on investment.  

The main objectives of this activity were as follows:

Assessment of the current network situation and analysis of available data in the pilot area of the selected water utility;

Definition of the pilot sectorised metering area (SMA) (delimitation of the sector) and assessment of the NFE reference rate, apparent and physical losses and introduction of a water balance procedure;

Organization of a wide range of rapid and cost-effective interventions in a SCA;

Capacity building of the selected utility by direct involvement in the implementation of the tasks.

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