COP 23: let's meet in Slovenia

Green transition in the Mediterranean: from decisions to actions

The 23rd Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention COP23, will take place in Portorož, Slovenia, from 5 to 8 December 2023.

The Convention, signed by 14 States and the European Union, entered into force in 1978. Its main objectives include the control of marine pollution, the sustainable management of seas and coasts, the integration of the environment into social and economic development and the protection of the marine environment and coastal areas through the prevention and reduction of pollution.
Priority goals are the strengthening of regional cooperation for the responsible management of coastal resources in the Mediterranean, the implementation of a sustainable EU blue economy in connection with spatial planning in river basins, coastal and maritime areas, the “source to sea” principle, and the active involvement and participation of young people.
The overarching  purpose is to enhance the protection of the Mediterranean region’s marine and coastal environment in the context of sustainable development.  

The main meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention (the 21 coastal states and the European Union) will be held on Thursday, Dec. 7. The theme will be "Green Transition in the Mediterranean: from Decisions to Actions." with a focus on illuminating the steps of the green transition in the Mediterranean, with an emphasis on the promotion of action based on adopted decisions.

COP 23, which will culminate in the adoption of the Portoroz Ministerial declaration, is expected to deliver four key outcomes: 

  1. Accelerating the implementation of the Mediterranean countries’ commitments to biodiversity protection and conservation;
  2. Grounding policymaking in a robust science-based platform:
  3. Curbing pollution and ingraining sustainability in the blue economy;
  4. Paving the way for the 2024-2025 biennium, the halfway point in the implementation of the UNEP/MAP Medium-Term Strategy (2022-2027).

During COP23, the Secretariat will present the recommendations of the Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development (MCSD). Furthermore, the results will also be used for the preparation of the 2025 UN Ocean Conference (Nice, France), where the UNEP/MAP-Barcelona Convention will mark 50 years of multilateral cooperation for a healthy Mediterranean Sea and coastline.
Will also be organised side-events proposed by Contracting Parties and Observer organizations.

The Barcelona Convention is the only regional multilateral legal framework for the protection of the Mediterranean marine and coastal environment.

INFO/RAC will be present at COP 23.

COP 23
5-8 December 2023 - Portoroz. Slovenia
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