Climate Change and Security in the Mediterranean Region

Climate Change and Security in the Mediterranean Region


The connection between climate change and security in the Mediterranean region is discussed on 12 November at 17:30 at the Mediterranean Pavilion, organized by UNEP/MAP, UFM and PRIMA.
The meeting, organised by MedECC,
the Mediterranean Experts on Climate and environmental Change, aims to highlight the impacts of climate change on the decline or collapse of ancient civilisations in the Mediterranean basin and elsewhere.
Indeed, there is convincing evidence that climate and environmental changes and their impacts pose risks to human security in the Mediterranean region. Key factors include pollution, unsustainable use of land and marine resources, and the spread of invasive species, all acting together.

The consequences for people and ecosystems are highly dependent on geographical location. However, disadvantaged populations in fragile or conflicting contexts, especially in southern and eastern Mediterranean countries, are significantly more likely to be affected by environmental changes than others, particularly in northern Mediterranean countries.
The relationship between climate, migration and conflict is very complex, as it depends on the social, political, cultural and economic conditions of a specific country. Knowledge is limited on how natural disasters interact with and/or are influenced by socio-economic, political and demographic contexts to cause conflict. Poverty, inequalities, gender imbalances and governance currently hinder the achievement of sustainable development and climate resilience in Mediterranean countries.

This event presents the weaknesses and strengths of the Mediterranean region in the face of political, socio-economic and environmental threats. Special attention will be paid to conflict and migration, problems that amplify the region's vulnerability.

Appointment on 12 November at 17.30 pm at the Mediterranean Pavilion.



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