Circular economy for the conservation of marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean

Ms Tatjana Hema, UNEP/MAP Coordinator spoke at the event "Towards a circular economy for the sustainable management of plastic waste on beach and ocean ecosystems for the conservation of marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea". The event was hosted by the Mediterranean Pavilion and co-organized by UNEP/MAP, UFM and PRIMA Foundation.

Also organized by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, the event focused on the governance scheme put in place by the Foundation as part of the operation #SeaswithoutPlastic to create a circular economy for plastic waste on Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches, with the aim of improving and promoting its replication in other territories.

The Foundation, in collaboration with its institutional partners, has reinforced citizen mobilisation as part of its 'Seas and Oceans' strategy, with the launch of the operation #Seas without plastic, as part of its Clean Beaches programme, which has more than 106 beaches, 45 of which are in the Mediterranean.

Tatjana Hema introduced aspects of mobilisation undertaken by MAP on plastic waste in the Mediterranean Sea, with a focus on the circular economy to highlight a MAP-led global and regional context.

Below the Institutions that participed at the Side event:

  • UNEP/MAP - United Nations Environment Program/Mediterranean Action Plan, the first regional action plan implemented within the framework of the UNEP Regional Seas Program;
  • SAIDIA Development Company – CGD Group: Partner of the Clean Beaches Program and in charge of developing a set of bare land, intended for tourist and economic projects in the Mediterranean city of Saidia;
  • General Directorate of Territorial Communities, under the Ministry of the Interior of Morocco.


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