Barcolana Sea Summit

"We do not yet have full knowledge of the importance of the sea resource both from the point of view of its protection and its enhancement - declared the president of ISPRA and SNPA, Stefano Laporta, who spoke today at the Barcolana Sea Summit - The Mediterranean is a hotspot of biodiversity unique in the world, with a high diversity and level of endemism of flora and fauna. Although it represents only 0.3% of the global volume of seas and oceans, the Mediterranean is home to 7% of marine species identified globally , with the highest rate of endemism (around 20-30%) of marine species in the world ".
"We observe an acceleration of environmental issues, which will also require a rapid acceleration in responses. We have to run - said Erika Magaletti, ISPRA researcher, - We are working very intensely: every year SNPA monitors 16 national ports, with important protocols and different synergies at European level, 60 beaches for marine litter, those at the mouths of rivers and in the seabed marine. "
Barcolana Sea Summit, scheduled in Trieste from 6 to 9 October 2021, is the first multilateral dialogue on the sustainability of aquatic ecosystems, a new route towards greater environmental awareness and a regenerative socio-economic model.
The aim of the event is to create awareness of the need to establish a new relationship between man and sea, involving scientists, policy makers, businesses and civil society.

On 7 October, in addition to the ISPRA President, some researchers of the Institute participated in the sessions: "The Mediterranean in the next ten years: what science says", "Fisheries and aquaculture: critical issues and solutions", "Green ports, Green cities" .

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