An important day for the Mediterranean and its coasts

The "Final Conference of the Bosnia and Herzegovina CAMP BH Project" was held on September 13. This important project started in September 2020 and ended in September 2022.

The project achieved very good results, both for the preparation of the Program for the Management of the Adriatic Sea Coastal Area in BiH and for the proposals for sustainable tourism development in Neum and the Neum hinterland.

Important contributions were provided also for the preparation and assessment of climate risks and project activities with recommendations and measures to be taken to prevent possible climate change impacts.

Several participants were present, including Josip Njavro, national project coordinator,Tatjana Hema, UNEP / MAP coordinator, Željka Škaričić, Director of the PAP / RAC office, Tarik Kupusović, Focal Point of the Barcelona Convention for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Dragan Jurković, mayor of the municipality of Neum.

On the same occasion the Mediterranean Coast Day, launched in 2007 to raise awareness of the value of coastal areas and the need to improve the planning and management system for these prestigious areas, was celebrated. Andrej A. Gajić, research ichthyologist, was appointed as Honorary Ambassador" of Coast Day.

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