A Mediterranean Environment Friendly City is 'a coastal city in harmony with the sea

Call for Mediterranean Coastal Cities opens today. The Istanbul Environmental Friendly City Award, now in its fourth year, recognizes the role and contributions of cities and local authorities in realizing the UNEP/MAP vision of a healthy Mediterranean sea and coast.

Funded by the Turkish government, the Istanbul Environmentally Friendly City Award was created within the framework of the Mediterranean Sustainable Development Strategy (MSSD) to recognise the efforts of local authorities in promoting sustainable development in Mediterranean coastal cities.

An environmentally friendly Mediterranean city is "a coastal city that is in harmony with the sea, that uses its resources efficiently, equitably and sustainably, that reduces its impact on the marine and coastal environment and climate change, and that manages the environment for the benefit of present and future generations."

The goals of the award are to encourage local authorities to move toward a more environmentally friendly future; to enable local authorities to act as role models to inspire other cities; and to raise awareness of the quality of the environment in their cities.

Cities on the Mediterranean coast, both small towns and metropolitan agglomerations, are eligible for the award.

The call for entries will remain open until April 30, 2023, and the award ceremony will be held in December 2023.

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