A just transition to Circular Economy for Mediterranean

Ms. Tatjana Hema, Coordinator, UNEP/MAP will participate in the event “Realizing circularity for a just transition towards net-zero economies in the Mediterranean” organised by MedWaves, the UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production. The event will be held at the Mediterranean Pavilion, co-organised by UNEP/MAP, UFM and PRIMA.

The current climate crisis and the use of materials are intimately linked. It has been calculated that most part of greenhouse gases are generated by the extraction and handling of material resources (70%) (Circle Economy 20221).
A successful transition to a Circular Economy has a number of beneficial effects on the economy, environment and society, especially if supported by effective policy.

On the basis of the First Mediterranean Assessment Report (MAR1), published by MedECC in November 2020 and presenting the current situation and future risks related to climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean basin, there is an urgent need to strengthen strategies towards circularity in selected value chains of the Mediterranean economy and improve their connection with climate change mitigation.

The objective of this panel is to raise awareness of circular strategies to reduce emissions.
The event will reflect on the nexus between circular economy and greenhouse gas emission reduction, exploring the zero potential of key value chains based on circularity strategies and the multiple opportunities for social and economic development that intersect.

Appointment on 16 November at 15.00 pm at the Mediterranean Pavilion.


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