2nd International Meeting of Municipalities Signatories of the Pelagos Partnership Charter

On 22 June 2023, the city of Sassari hosted the "2nd International Meeting of the Pelagos Partnership Charter". 

 The event, organised by the Permanent Secretariat of the Pelagos Agreement in collaboration with the Municipality of Sassari and the "Luigi Canepa" Conservatory of Music, was attended by around 50 Italian and French municipalities and Unions of Municipalities, which, by signing the Charter, pledged to make a concrete contribution to the achievement of the Agreement's objectives.

At the meeting, a review of the results achieved in recent years was presented, as well as the virtuous initiatives and cross-border activities carried out in order to give them visibility and facilitate their replication also by other municipalities.

Marine Protected Areas and National Parks have shown their willingness to play an increasing role in favour of the Municipalities' adherence to the Pelagos Partnership Charter and the implementation of the activities carried out within its framework.

Furthermore, in accordance with the participatory approach that characterises the 2022-2027 Management Plan and Action Plan of the Agreement, the municipalities have been called upon to submit their proposals for amending and updating the Pelagos Partnership Charter and the procedures for its accession, evaluation and renewal.


Final decisions in this regard will be taken by the Parties to the Agreement at the 9th Meeting of the Parties in December 2023. They will allow for the entry into force of a "Pelagos Partnership Charter 2.0", in favour of which the Municipalities have already reaffirmed their support. 

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