What is World Oceans Day?

Every 8 June, many countries celebrate the World Oceans Day and that since 1992 following the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, held in Rio de Janeiro. In 2008, the United Nations General Assembly decided that, as of 2009, 8 June would be designated by the United Nations as “World Oceans Day”.
We have, in this special day, an opportunity to raise global awareness of the benefits we can derive from the ocean and our individual and collective duty to use its resources sustainably. We have also the opportunity to involve our children and learn them the respect of the Environment and the Nature because they will also depend on these latter for their livelihoods!
A lot of events will be organized all around the world in order to mobilize million of people. So, let’s celebrate the oceans and let’s appreciate what they give us.


Message from Gaetano Leone,
UNEP/MAP Coordinator—Barcelona Convention Secretariat

In response to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, Mediterranean countries are in the process of introducing policy, measures and stimulus packages to support recovery. Millions of jobs are on the line and according to initial estimates, lockdowns aiming to weather the pandemic will have already knocked several percentage points off national income. Yet despite the trail of destruction that COVID-19 is leaving in its wake, the region must seize a historic opportunity to build back better.

Building back better entails revisiting our relationship with nature. In the Mediterranean billions will be injected into economic recovery programmes. Decisions on which sectors these flows will pour into and whether green jobs and renewable energy will be prioritised over the unsustainable business-as-usual will shape our collective future in the region.

The MAP Coordinator will speak at a webinar organized by IDDRI on curbing plastic pollution in the ocean.

Mediterranean Sea: Messages by the MAP System

Lorenza Babbini
INFO/RAC Director
Magali Outters
SCP/RAC Policy Area Team Leader
photo credits @IISD/FranzDejon
Mohamad Kayyal
MED POL Programme Officer
Zeljka Skaricic
PAP/RAC Director
Elen Lemaître-Curi,
Plan Bleu Director
Khalil Attia
SPA/RAC Director
Gabino Gonzales
REMPEC Head Office

Oceans tips from Mediterranean experts

1Respect oceans life:
do not reduce plurality, richness, and abundance of marine living species!
coral jewellery, turtle shell accessories, shark products and don't collect marine animals and shells.
oceans and their coasts are complex ecosystems which should be managed as a whole.
you will be more motivated to preserve the oceans
do not anchor your boat on them
Ensure that mask straps are cut before rejecting them, to avoid spreading millions of future wildlife traps
Reuse/ Reduce/ Recycle
they are the most common waste items in our oceans and they can last for centuries into the sea and harm marine life
say no to single use items and replace them with eco-friendly alternatives
plastic bottles, crisp packets or ice cream wrappers can easily end up in the sea, blown by the wind
Christophe Blazy, Tommaso Fortibuoni, Lucille Guihenef, Erika Magaletti, Dorra Maaoui, Celine Ndong, Arthur Pasquale, Cecilia Silvestri, Pauline Simon, Neven Stipica, Leonardo Tunesi
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Join us


Oceans initiative for Mediterranean children

Send us drawing and comics to protect the oceans!

  • The goal is to collect drawings and comics about the protection of the oceans



  • Coordinating Unit for the Mediterranean Action Plan Secretariat to the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols

UN World Oceans Day Events

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