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Questionnaire for eco-friendly hotels

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Organisation of a sustainable meeting at an eco-friendly hotel
A Questionnaire for the hotel staff / management
(Answer with yes or no)

Transport to the hotel / local public transport

  • Hotel is located in the city centre
  • Hotel location is accessible by public transport (bus, metro, tram stop / station in the vicinity)
  • Meeting room, energy saving

    Size of a meeting room adapted to real needs

  • Meeting room with natural light
  • Heating/cooling equipment at the conference room individually regulated
  • Hotel staff monitoring and recording a hotel energy consumption
  • Catering services, water use, waste and recycling

  • Meals (lunch, dinner) served at a hotel restaurant
  • -         Seasonal and local food served

    -         Possibility of serving vegetarian meals

  • Coffee / tea for refreshments served at the meeting venue
  • -         Coffee / tea served in reusable cups and on reusable plates, sugar dispensers

    -         Cookies served on reusable plates and purchased from the local producers

  • Tap water for drinking (water jars at tables during a meeting)
  • Recycled paper towels and refillable soap dispensers at the public hotel toilets
  • Accommodation (guest room)

  • Towel and sheet re-use - changing bed linens and towels as necessary or at request
  • Energy-efficient lighting (or room cards to turn on/off the light)
  • Air emissions

    A hotel is a non-smoking environment


  • Only climate appropriate plants planted in hotel surrounds
  • A hotel uses interior plants to maintain clean air, and offset electro-magnetic radiation effects for staff

    Cultural impact

  • Whenever possible the hotel staff provides opportunities for guests (brochures, leaflets, announcements of events) to attend local events to learn more about the local culture
  • Whenever possible the hotel provides opportunities for guests to learn more about the cultures who reside in the community, such as through recommending them local (eco-certified) restaurants
  • Communication

    Hotel staff can communicate in English, and in French, as preferable

    Go paperless!

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    Plan an event



    A useful 10 step-by-step checklist to organising a more sustainable event

    This checklist has been developed based on a review of the existing guidelines and certification standards for sustainable events.

    Sustainable supplier list - criteria for selection

    Supplier questionnaire

    Find more on SCP/RAC web-site

    COP 20 Information Booth

    During COP 20, a booth dedicated to the MAP Sustainable Operations will be located in the lobby and will present the progresses of the RACs and the way forward regarding the ISO 20121. A quiz and a CO2 Emission calculator will also be proposed in order to heighten awareness on Sustainable Operations.