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MED news, a new tool to improving communication

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Let us briefly present this first edition of the newsletter, a special edition called “Number 0” This is a first special edition published for  the  20th Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties of the Barcelona Convention (COP 20), held in Tirana, in Albania.

The main task of INFO-RAC is to establish a common information management infrastructure to facilitate and to support information and communication activities across the MAP.

This newsletter is one of the tools that will be created  to supplement  other communication activities in order to strengthen and to make more effective all the communication process.

The launch of this product was possible thanks to the contribution of the MAP network in particular Communication Task Force and Sustainable MAP Operations TF.

The goal we would like to achieve together is to spread information  within the sphere of the activities carried out, such as:

Information about official documents of Barcelona Convention, decisions and so on;

Information about projects and initiatives of MAP network and all Mediterranean basin;

Information about the most important events of interest to the MAP community and related to  the protection of the Mediterranean marine and coastal environment issues;

Information about sustainable activities related to MAP events;

Information on thematic subjects (e.g  Biodiversity, ICZM, Ecosystem Approach, Oceans and so on.).

Two are, among other things, the challenges we must face with this tool are reaching the targeted targets, of course, but also a wider audience; use a more popular language to make technical and scientific content more accessible to all.

This newsletter is the first step, we hope to have many others together to increase the visibility of the work we do every day.

By INFO-RAC Communication Team