WES project and the “Champions in addressing pollution by plastics

87 out of 109 candidates were selected to be considered as candidate champions: it was the EU-funded WES project, with the support of the Union for the Mediterranean and UNEP's Mediterranean Action Plan, which launched the call for "Champions of Plastic Pollution Prevention in the Mediterranean" in spring 2023.

The commitments made by the candidate champions reflect the wide range of innovative solutions: for governance, the participatory development of specifications for the plastic recycling sector and for plastic packaging products; local governance schemes for the integrated management of solid waste in natural parks and protected areas.

As far as products, methods and technologies are concerned, the revival of traditional non-plastic alternatives for packaging, the reduction in the use of plastics in fishing, bee-keeping, food storage, the use of plastic waste in the construction sector, including for radiation shields in hospitals, public lighting poles, etc., will be promoted.

To improve waste collection, the use of digitisation for transparent collection of plastic waste linking producers, collectors and recycling industries has increased the efficiency of recyclers. Numerous education and public awareness initiatives have also been proposed.

The signing of cooperation agreements between the WES project and the candidate champions formalises the intention of these candidates to meet their commitments by the summer of 2024. Those who succeed in meeting their commitments will receive the honorary title of "Champion of the fight against plastic pollution" awarded by the EU, the UfM and UNEP/MAP, in recognition of their dedication and contribution to one of the most pressing challenges facing the Mediterranean region.

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