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Data Centre

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The Data Centre is intended to manage the MAP data flow-in and to provide public users with the entry point to search, navigate and download information and knowledge produced by MAP as a whole, or produced and managed by MAP Components and CPs, in the future through their InfoMAP national nodes. Information will be available as elaborations from validated and publicly reported data, maintained in InfoMAP shared Repository. Information products will include:

  • Pre-elaborated maps  on selected topics;
  • Interactive maps (webGIS visualisation functions) on the GeoViewer;
  • Fact-sheets of indicators produced by MAP Components and CPs (eventually maintained in their information systems);
  • Datasets available for downloading.

Data centre main functionalities will include data warehousing capabilities with data mining and online analytical processing (OLAP) features.  Regarding I&CT technologies, deployment of Business intelligence and ETL (extract-trasform-load) open source software applications is foreseen.
The Data Centre will be also the place where interested MAP Components and other stakeholders will get  access  to “Near Real Time” data services, coming from different sources, including external networks. NRT Data services  will be useful  for decision support , e.g.  for emergency management.