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While InfoMAP Data Centre and SDI are substantially the “data” components of the MAP Shared Repository, InfoMAP Agorà focuses on information and knowledge on R&D projects, good practices, tools, legislation and guidelines, reports on State of Environment at regional and country level, not necessarily following agreed standards.  Its content will mainly consists of documents in electronic format, factsheets, videos, galleries of images, etc.

The ultimate objective of InfoMAP Agorà is to improve cooperation/interoperation between regional and national nodes of infoMAP in sharing experiences and knowledge of interest on MAP themes, not necessarily related to reporting obligations. Agorà development and maintenance requires a good commitment of MAP Components and Contracting Parties and other Institutions in the region on populating and updating its content.

Knowledge management system and data mining tools and functions are foreseen for the future, full featured component.

The Agorà will implement the “Web 2.0 paradigm” to promote the UNEP/MAP stakeholders’ e-participation, engaging them in dialogue through means and tools such as web consultation, internet discussion fora, Youtube channel.

Currently, the tools made available to the public and authorized users are:

  • Facebook, with all functions and applications that the social network has to offer,
  • Twitter to announce news redirected on the site concerned
  • Youtube, mainly to download videos and tutorials;
  • Flickr, to create slideshow on the Mediterranean, which can be geo-referenced or not.